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Learn defensive features from the Ping Pong DVD

When it comes to being at the beginning of your ping pong game, there are many ways to learn new skills and strategies. From video tutorials to learn the best offensive strategies, it's easy to gain access to any number of things that will improve your game. Ping Pong DVD can be a great way to get advice from the masters of the game and watch some of the most famous matches ever played. This easy to learn, fast-paced game is fun to play and great for all ages. No matter what your skill level is, you can quickly and easily improve by picking up on some of the great tips. If you want to improve your defensive stroke, you can find any number of videos to teach you the ropes.


There are many important defensive features that you should learn if you want to succeed in table tennis matches. Push, or slice is used to keep points alive and create offensive opportunities. Similar to a slice of tennis, this is the stroke in which the racket cuts below the ball and creates a drop in the ball. It's not good for skilled players, but it's a great beginner of stroke. Chop is a defensive stroke. It was a heavier slice and used to match topspin of the enemy's shot. Chops are difficult but can be strategically effective in matches. Ping Pong DVD can be a great way to pick up on this and other defensive strokes. There are a lot of ping pong tables on amazon, sometimes too many products will make it difficult for you to choose, read the 8 best ping pong table outdoor under 300 reviews article to simplify things.

Blocks and Push-Block are two other defenses. This block is difficult to perform but can be effective against opponents. Push-Block is a big stroke for skilled players and extra speed to the ball. The secondary drive is a shot that is similar to a slice but goes to the left or right instead of down. Learning lateral drive is relatively easy and can be an effective way to access an opponent's strike. Other defensive strokes that can be learned from Ping Pong DVD are shots like LOB, drop shot, and topspin. Creating a tennis strategy table victory is easy with the advice from the pros. You can quickly pick up on some of these skills that can make a difference in winning a game. No matter what your skill level is, you can easily improve your game and find a way to win at this fun sport.

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