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Rules of Table Tennis

To play a successful table tennis game, it is important to know the rules of the game. This is for both interesting elements and to build up your skills in the game. If you don't know the rules of playing table tennis, the game will lack any kind of fun and it will be a disorder game. Fortunately, the rules are easy to understand, make fun games for every player. To choose for yourself the best ping pong paddle read How to choose best ping pong table on Amazon?

First of all, the Ping pong table rules that the match is the best 5 or the best is 7. Each match is played up to 11 points and the winner must have a different ratio of two. When playing a game in which the winner is the best of 5 people, that means the player has won three of the five games. In the 7 best matches, the winner must win four of the seven matches. The shadows were rotated after two points. If the player is at 10, they must rotate the ball each point until one of the two players exceeds two points.


For shorter games, often players will adhere to the same rules, but instead, play a game to 21 points. The winner must also go ahead two points in this variation.

As you can see, the ping-pong law is not too complicated to follow. Additional rules stating that the player serves a throw on the palms of no more than six inches in the air. The ball is then struck by the paddle towards the opponent's point when the ball touches the enemy's table, but the enemy does not return the blow. If you want to find more information about ping pong table read article ping pong paddle reviews

If the ball bouncing several times, the blow is not returned, not beating the table by his own blow, placing his hands on the table, polishing several times, not going forward with a legitimate or polished ball before bouncing toward his desk. He lost a point. That seems pretty harsh in table tennis rules, but the idea is to continue hitting the ball again with a blow on each side of the grid. That makes it similar to actual tennis except the fact this is a game that is played on the table.

There is no anything in the table tennis rules indicating the type of sticks that the player uses ping pong, but there are some types of games that have been used in the game. These strokes include both the defensive strokes and the attack to make the game become more challenging. Knowing the different strokes even makes it easier to play. However, one can see that they can develop their own strokes that still allow the ball to sustain in the legitimate gameplay. If that's the case, then you definitely had an advantage over your opponent. If you practice seriously and want to improve your ping-pong performance, check out the popular models at ping pong robot.
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